TheraNow Post-Discharge Management

Telerehab is made possible by a specialized App that can run on any laptop, desktop, smartphone, or tablet. Our network of outstanding therapists is constantly growing with a goal to hopefully have a nationwide digital coverage. We truly believe in effective quality treatment for the patients in need so our software is provided only to therapists licensed to practice in the Unites States.

We aim to maintain the highest levels of professionalism and integrity to deliver and live up to the expectations of our subscribers. Your satisfaction and professional upliftment is our main motto.

  • Provider treats patient in clinic with conventional physical therapy services (insurance/private pay).
  • Provider then discharges the patient for home-based therapy.
  • Patient is treated from home after being discharged from the clinic using TheraNow’s TeleHealth software for another few sessions, to observe the progress and overall compliance to the home exercise program (insurance/private pay).